Thursday, August 21, 2014


"Sorry guys!"
I'm really sorry guuuys! T__T I supposed to announce the winners on August 1 but I didn't. I was just too busy for my Senior work. 

Good news! My Mom just bought earlier #JoyinABox delight! I'll just buy a loom kit tomorrow. 


So, winners will be posted and emailed too on Saturday Evening. Thanks guys for the patience!

Most Embarrassing Moment

"Oops. My pants are wet."
Chupchapchip. Holiday for today. I'll just share my Embarrassing Moment guys.

Well when I was in Grade 6, I did a review in Academic Gateway in Katipunan. Review Classes for my high school remedies. May 2011. 

5 p.m.

I went at 7/11 convenience store to buy slurpee. The driver of my service are waiting for me to go home now. I'm actually looking for a CR to go to. But I can't find one since it's a store! My "nuts" can't hold it back anymore. I went to the parking area and pee at my pants. 



I went to the Driver and told what happened. There are two girls that was also at the back of the car and asking "Manong" what was that funny smell. I was sitting in front with the driver.

Then, one of the girls peek on my chair and saw my colored pants wet. They laughed and almost wanted to cry of embarrassment.

"Kalimutan na."

What are your embarrassing moments?! Email me at Don't worry it will be our secret! Your "Star" moment will be featured here in my blog next week.

Email me now!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UPCAT. (Part 2)

Bang bang bang.

50 mins. of Language Proficiency
50 mins. of Science Proficiency
1 hr and 15 mins. of Math Proficiency
1 hr and 5 mins. of Reading Co(Boring)mprehension

I admit it. UPCAT was easy. It was! Still having doubts, but I think my review materials were more harder than the real one. 

English. "Keri." Basic Sentence Error. Sentence Completion. I'm expecting to have a high score at this subtest. It was easy and moderate. Can be answered by my Common Sense.

Science. Let's forget that shit. Joke. Many students found this subtest a hard one. But, I don't. It tested my stock knowledge in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and a lot of Earth Science. I'm not too confident in this but still I love this test. It made my brain functioned. 

Math. Because of too much cold, I went for a CR Break. Then the shotgun came. Math, for me, was the hardest. Since the NAT, I don't really like questions about age. It was also full of fucking functions that I forgot. I got 80 on my Second Year Math because of that Functions. I don't expect to have a high score in here..

Reading! My favorite subtest. Maybe it was my talent to read things fast. So, it was easy for me. Maybe, I'll get a hundred for this! For sure! (Too Boastful haha) 

UPCAT still was really friendly. I mean it didn't compete regularly knowledge ones to the advanced ones.

Seemingly,  University of the Philippines Diliman would be my one great university.

I'll update you guys. Don't expect still. But, Expect na rin.